Stogie Kenyatta’s One Man ShowThe World is My Home, A Tribute to Paul Robeson

At the Well Conferences, Inc. presents…

Stogie Kenyatta’s One Man ShowThe World is My Home, A Tribute to Paul Robeson
A Fundraiser for From the Fire: Leadership Academy for Young Men

$30 (A paid ticket is required for admission.)

Nassau Presbyterian Church
61 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08542

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
7:00-9:00 p.m.

At the Well Conferences, Inc. is proud to present a special performance of television and stage personality Stogie Kenyatta’s acclaimed one-man show about African-American artist-activist and Princeton, New Jersey native Paul Robeson whose father William became the pastor of Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church. Powerful and poignant, entertaining and educational, heartfelt and humorous, the show celebrates our common humanity, as Robeson fights globally for social justice on behalf of Black, Jewish, Welsh and Spanish workers. It spans from the horrors of the Slave Trade to the shame of the Holocaust. The play journeys from the artistic wonders of the Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz- Bebop era to McCarthyism, blacklists, racism, and lynching.  Robeson shows us that in spite of our differences; we still have more in common than we do in conflict. This show and the lively Q & A with Kenyatta that follows; like Robeson’s life; serves as a cultural ambassador inspiring us to greater understanding, achievements and a more noble life. All proceeds from The World is My Home will benefit From the Fire: Leadership Academy for Young Men: a two-week summer leadership program for high school age boys of color on the campus of Princeton University. You will have the opportunity to meet these young scholars after the performance.

Biography – Stogie Kenyatta
Jamaican born and Brooklyn bred; Stogie Kenyatta was classically trained at the Afro-American Studio in Harlem; Henry St. Settlement and Al Fann Ensemble.  As a finalist in the New York State Theatre competition with Artistic Director John Houseman, Kenyatta studied Screenwriting and Political Science at California State University, Long Beach and privately with Ivan Markota at the Van Mar Academy.  He amassed over 30 television credits from sitcoms and films to soaps. As a comedian, Kenyatta co-headlined USO Tours in Tokyo, Japan, and Okinawa.  Kenyatta performed on the Gulf of Mexico, South of France, London, and the Caribbean. The play has performed over 300 times at universities from Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Birmingham England to The University of the W. Indies. Kenyatta was hired by the Department of Education of the US Virgin Islands to perform shows in St. Thomas and St. Croix and worked with the US Embassy around the world to sold-out shows from Hawaii, Belize, the Caribbean, National Civil Rights Museum, and Museum of NYC to theater festivals in Miami, Hollywood and Paradise Isle, Bahamas. “This passion piece is more than a show for me; it’s a prayer for the forsaken & forgotten enslaved Africans who found enough forgiveness in their tortured souls to live, love & laugh.”—Stogie Kenyatta

About From the Fire Leadership Academy for Young Men
The inaugural From the Fire: Leadership Academy for Young Men is a two-week boarding program on the campus of Princeton University that is tailored to students of color who are currently in the tenth or eleventh grades of high school. From the Fire seeks to nurture and cultivate young men by providing an enriching environment that combines leadership development, mentoring, and an exceptional Rites of Passage program. From the Fire is a program of At the Well Conferences, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Nassau Presbyterian Church

The Nassau Presbyterian Church is a historic congregation located at 61 Nassau Street in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. It has been the home of many important figures in the history of Presbyterianism in the United States as a result of its proximity to Princeton University and the Princeton Theological Seminary. The church operates the Princeton Cemetery and is a contributing property to the Princeton Historic District. The current pastor is The Reverend Dr. David A. Davis.